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Watch Yourself!

Nowadays, men around the country have become increasingly convinced that the more money you blow on a time piece, the better it will look, feel and operate. This may be true; then again, it may not.

There's one thing I do know: there a great deal of cheaper options that rival the sleek sexiness of some pricer models.

1. Analog Black Dial Watch, $115, Fossil. (www.fossil.com)

Based on the original design of a WWI timepiece, this watch is so sharp and lightweight you'll have no problem transitioning from a summer night to a winter day with this watch.

2. The "Easy Reader" Series, $35, Timex. (www.timex.com)

Practically a staple for the no-frills crowd of watch wearers, the 'Easy Reader' line of Timex watches are simple, understated pieces that allow you to do what the name implies: tell the time at a moment's notice

3. Men's Strap Model, $150, Citizen. (www.citizenwatch.com)

A little on the higher end of the spectrum, it's still a solid design with a little bit of attitude without being too in-your-face.