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New Music Review: Karaoke - T. Pain feat. DJ Khaled

This is one of those classic tracks that spends most of its potential and energy calling out other rap artists for stealing or 'borrowing' a style from the accuser that was already created by an artist that was around way before them.

Enter: T-Pain's effigy to the Auto Tune, 'Karaoke' featuring the ubiquitous DJ Khaled.

There is something to be said about a new school rap artists who puts out a track that admonishes anyone who has ever used an Auto Tune to create their own hit: They are more than likely a hypocrite.

T-Pain (left) and DJ Khaled performing at a Miami club earlier this year.

Unfortunately, T-Pain is absolutely no exception to this rule. Even though he may pay tribute to the great Roger Troutman, but most of the song is dedicated to the idea that people are biting a style that he (clearly) made more popular than Zapp and Roger themselves.

Bottom line: T-Pain was a tad bit misguided with the production of this song. He took a few jabs at his style too seriously and allowed it to manifest itself into the song, 'Karaoke'. Hopefully, he will not take this oversensitivity to any higher levels and make a whole album damning those who stand against him. Hopefully...


DubiousSighting: Guerrilla Cuisine - SPAM Jam 2008

So, I had the pleasure of attending Guerrilla Cuisine's SPAM Jam 2008 (much to the chagrin of my innards), and sampled some of the finest, most inventive dishes that I never would have expected from a standard can of the processed, yet iconic, meat.

Held at the Tin Roof in West Ashley, SPAM Jam 2008 brought together some of the most eccentric minds and personalities in the the greater Charleston area for a night that did not disappoint.

Some of the dishes that stood out included the SPAMburger and French Fries. The spuds were fried in truffle oil and the burgers were accompanied by an Asian pickle and black truffle mayonnaise. Another favorite of mine was the Hawaiian-style SPAM Kabobs with a spicy, chile oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

Jimi Hatt, practically the face of Guerrilla Cuisine, graced us with his presence in between meals to make sure everything was copacetic (and to provide a great deal of comic relief), which made the experience twice as enjoyable.

The infamous Jimi Hatt posing for the cameras. Guerrilla Cuisine/BadJon Photography

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience filled with wine, music and canned meats that no one in this world should have missed. Their next event should be taking place near the end of this year and will include a rather popular, French dessert.

I'll be sure to keep you posted...



DubiousEndorses: 12seconds.tv

The funny thing about this site is that it really isn't anything revolutionary, by any means of the definition, or cutting edge. It is basically a video version of Twitter.

But there's a catch with 12seconds.tv: It is one of the most user-friendly vlog services that I have seen in a long time. Yes, you could invest the time and money into an awesome video studio setup, light box, reflector and all the other cumbersome goodies that come with the whole kit 'n kabootle.

Or you could go to your nearest electronics store/department, pick up a $30 webcam and get cracking on potentially making some of the most entartaining and interesting, 12-second videos that the world has ever seen!

If your not that ambitious, you could just vlog about your daily goings-on and with the mobile video feature, you could become your very own walking, talking mini-vlogger.

Either way, I highly recommend asking a friend (or even a complete stranger) for an invite to one of the best condensed vlogging sites to come around in a long time.