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Tech Review: HP Touchsmart Desktop PC

First off: There is something inherently sexy about this desktop…

Since that’s out of the way, I want to get down to the sheer potential that comes along with owning a Touchsmart. Granted, there is a race amongst the major computing companies to re-revolutionize, so to speak, touch screen technology made famous by Apple and the iPhone, but over the past few years there have been several failed attempts at replicating this slide-touch technology—specifically, the Samsung Instinct.

The HP Touchsmart integrates high-definition viewing capabilities with an overwhelmingly large, 22-inch screen with slide-touch response. It also comes with a built-in webcam and microphone for easy, multimedia communication. What did it for me, though, was the Touchsmart’s homepage: it has one of the most modern, sleek and up-to-date design that rival (and perhaps even mimic), that of several Apple products on the market today.

With all of this in mind, I’m not exactly sure as to what the future may hold for this product, but I find it promising step in a direction that moves away from the monotony of Apple’s total world domination, well, for lack of a better term…


DubiousCraves: The Aston Martin DBS

I’m not sure but some where in the Bill of Rights or U.S. Constitution, or perhaps the Pledge of Allegiance, it states that ‘thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s house’. But as upstanding as that may sound on paper (or parchment), the fact still remains that there are certain things in this world others have that we want. Case in point:

The Aston Martin DBS

Everything a V-12 should and does look like. It is slick and in a way blatantly unforgiving in design. On top of that, it is confirmed that James Bond is going to be pushing this immaculate piece of machinery in his newest spy adventure, ‘Quantum of Solace’.

It almost makes you forget about who the next Bond girl’s going to be—her name is Olga Kurylenko, by the way.

Hey, I said 'almost'...


The Essentials: Dandies, Unite!

If there's anything I like more than all-encompassing European style, it would have to be the braggadocio that practically permeates from a British dandy. Thus, the inspiration for this week's 'Essentials':

1. The Herringbone Spot Tie, $130, turnbullandasser.com

Established In London back in 1885, Turnbull and Asser are considered one of the front runners of true, English style and dress. Everything from bespoke suits and shirts to top-notch ascots, ties and handkerchiefs can be found in their flagship store on Jermyn Street in the UK.

A bold, outspoken tie is integral to pulling off the coveted ‘dandy’ look correctly. It should always compliment (not match) both pocket square and shirt, but for an extra dose of flamboyance, pair the tie with dress socks of the same, or very similar, hue.

2. Ready-Made Wing Cap Shoe, $800, edwardgreen.com

Contrary to popular belief, your suit should not always be the section of your wardrobe that you spend the most money on. Invest in a quality pair of dress shoes to match your bespoke suit (you do have one, correct?), for it will do wonders whenever you decide to put it all together. Consider high-quality dress shoes a dandy’s best friend.

3. Bespoke Chalk Stripe Suit, starting at $1,300, markpowellbespoke.co.uk

As I said before, no matter how much you paid for a suit and regardless of where it originated from, you will need to get it tailored (or ‘bespoke’, for you Yankees out there). To keep in with the flashy and borderline gaudy persona of the dandy, might I suggest purchasing a chalk stripe (pictured above) or glenplaid-patterned suit.

4. Self Stripe Shirt, $190, gievesandhawkes.com

Now, I know I’ve told you that a main part of being a ‘dandy’ is harnessing that bold spark, so to speak, and focusing it into your wardrobe, but be warned: With a style like this, it is becomes increasingly easy to make a ‘misstep’ and completely ruin a good look. So with that in mind, I implore you not to pair a striped shirt with a striped suit.

This tactic is reserved for those who have had either no prior instruction whatsoever, or for the select few who have been dressing ‘dandy’ for a significant part of their lives and you, my friend, do not fall into either category.

5. Cross Cuff Links, $295, duncanquinn.com

This is one of the places on your clothing that you could have a little fun with. Go for broke! You’re a dandy, for cripes sake! Mix and match. Switch out studs for something a little more adventurous like skulls, casino dice or even Monopoly pieces. Whether traditional or ultra-modern, you cannot go wrong. Scout’s honor…



DubiousTrend: 80s-Inspired Clothing

Over the past few months, I have seen an emergence of younger people, who were once filed under the ‘hipster’ sub-genre, stepping into the Charleston fashion ring, so to speak. Everything from ultra-skinny jeans to vintage shirts, ties and sweaters have been popping up virtually everywhere recently.

One good thing about this overflow in quasi-emo attire is the gaining popularity of the Technicolor-like designs and Roy Lichtenstein-inspired prints found on t-shirts, jeans, jackets, shoes and almost anything else a budding design collective could possibly get their hands on. All of which harkens back to the young, fly and flash days of the inner-city 1980s, a time where people acquired a classic and timeless sense of street style.

Every one from mainstay, Coogi, to the ultra-trendy, skater clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club, has been getting in on the action as of late. I wonder what this means for the future of Charleston’s ever-so-traditional fashion sense?


DubiousOnTheWeb: HCS Swimsuits

I have again written for my surrogate blog, Holy City Style. I see it as two birds with one stone, you know?

DubiousPraise: It's a Celebration, Bitches!

Just wanted to take this time to update you all on a few things:

  1. As you can see, I have finally gotten caught up with a few things here and there on the blog, so 'Huzzah!' for me.
  2. I wanted to congratulate Caroline and Holy City Style for all of their recent success. Hopefully, they'll send some of that good karma my way...
  3. Speaking of success, I have surpassed the 1000-page-view mark so I would like to thank everyone who has been keeping up with my blog (including myself), and hope that you will stay tuned as long as your patience will allow.
Thank you!


New Music Review: Gnarls Barkley - "Going On"

I know, I know. This track has been out since the release of Barkley’s sophomore album, ‘The Odd Couple’, I get it; but take a bite out of this scenario: Imagine putting out your first LP as a collaborative effort, receiving rave review after rave review, winning enough awards to fill a bomb shelter, and then getting so much hype about your next record…Only to come back with a dud of an album?

That is the dilemma that Gnarls Barkley faces with ‘Couple’.

Not only does the flagship single, “Run”, fall very short of the curve, but the other eleven or so tracks serve as a sort of fodder for the duo’s half-assed attempt at one-upping ‘St. Elsewhere’. There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. Their second single, “Going On” has all the makings of an amazing, pseudo-conscious masterpiece—with an out-of-this-world music video, might I add—without running the risk of being overplayed like its “Crazy” cousin. This track shows no signs of falling on deaf ears.

Directed by Wendy Morgan and filmed in Jamaica with the Edna Manley dancers and Dynamite Empress.


The Essentials: The College Years

As I round out my final semesters, I find myself becoming more and more nostalgic of days gone by. I guess that is the main feeling that prompted me to do this edition of ‘The Essentials.’

Superbad, $12.99, amazon.com

By far one of the most accurate high-school sagas of my generation. Not only does Michael Cera and Jonah Hill make you question what your true status was during those turbulent days, they are also successful in bringing audiences to their knees with a crude vocabulary that rivals Colin Farrell. Just like high school, indeed.

Hot Pockets, $3, hotpockets.com

One of the most versatile, portable and absolutely delicious snacks of all time, the Hot Pocket has replaced Ramen Noodles as the resident relief of those mid-day, late-night and everything-in-between hunger pangs that only seem to occur in college. I remember many a day when ‘Cheddar and Chicken with Broccoli’ got me through many a hungry night.

NOW: That’s What I Call Music!
Vol. 22, $13.99, amazon.com

I searched through all 28 volumes of this infamous series and finally found the one that summed up the greatest, most unpredictable, nastiest, totally awesome time during college: Freshman year. With everything from ‘Miss New Booty’ by Bubba Sparxxx (guys: ladies played this song while getting dressed to go out) to Sean Paul’s ‘Temperature’ (guys: ladies would dance with you to this song whether drunk or sober), this practically pin-pointed the true pinnacle of the 'college experience'.

Apple 60GB iPod, $299.99, apple.com

The version right before the sixth generation and then the newer, ‘Touch’ model, the iPod Classic was perfect for parties, social isolation and status seeking. Considering the fact that we did not know anyone, let alone ourselves, who owned a ‘kagillion’ albums that the iPod was able to store, we still flocked to Best Buys’ around the world to get our hands on one. God bless excess.

The Great Gatsby, $11, amazon.com

I just keep this book around as a constant reminder that sometimes: College isn’t really that much different from high school…



DubiousRant: Running Behind...On Life...

Apologies go out to everyone who has been keeping up with my blog as of late. 

I have been swamped with tons of outside forces who would stop at nothing to make sure I accomplish as little as humanly possible.

Whew!...I feel better already.

Coming Soon:
  • The Manual: Swimwear - There are a lot of poor choices being made across this gerat nation of ours when it comes to guys and swim suits. I make sure you don't make that same mistake with my top picks for summer swim apparel.
  • The Essentials - I have been dreadfully behind with this week's 'Essentials'  but they should be up before the end of the weekend. Hopefully...
  • Poll - I can't, for the life of me, figure out a good question for this week's poll. I've scanned the vast expansions of the Internets and can't seem to find anything worthwhile. Suggestions? Anyone?
As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at: bri4579@gmail.com

Take Care, Live Well,



DubiousTrend: Wearing White

In all my days (7,845 of them, to be exact) would I ever think that wearing white would ever come into style around these parts, but more and more I've started to see men donning everything from all-white Pumas and white gold jewelry to the ever-complex pair of white jeans. Amazing! White is a very crisp and versatile color to use during the hot summer months and with a little practice (and some help from yours truly), you, too, can bask in the glory that comes from pulling off wearing white:

- Accessories:

When pairing white accessories with your clothes, always make sure you don't over do it. There is no reason why you should have a white watch with a white shirt, shoes and jeans because in the end, you look more like the milkman than a fashionable human being. This watch from Nixon is a prefect compliment to any wardrobe as is this leather belt from J. Lindeberg.

- Shoes:

White shoes or loafers work well with a standard pair of original blue jeans, to say the least. But again, if you don't want to run the risk of looking like a sailor, do not try to go overboard by piecing too many white elements together. Try either a pair of Roma sneakers, courtesy of Puma or these slick driving loafers from Geox.

- Jeans:

White jeans are very hard to pull off simply because most people associate white pants or slacks with either the neighborhood ice cream man or your elementary school's janitor. Whit that said, go understated with a pair of black Converse shoes or even black boots (if you're feeling adventurous). This pair, seen above, are from the good folks at Levi Strauss.

- Shirts/Outerwear:

White polos are a must during the unforgiving, summer months mainly because they do not retain heat nearly as much a shirt of a darker hue. I really have this affinity towards white blazers, more importantly, dinner jackets. There's almost a certain James Bond-esque feel to them. That's why I recommend this blazer from Armani Exchange and polo from Penguin.