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DubiousCraves: The Nokia 7900 'Prism' Phone

Why is it that some of the most advanced, highy adaptable and asthetically pleasing phones are never available in the United States?

Why do we have to settle with all the second-rate crap that comes across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans while folks in other countries get to revel in the idea of own phones that can e-mail, tether WiFi connections, babysit the kids and make a mean shrimp and grits all at the same time?

Nokia's 7900 'Prism' Quadband Phone, $699

Since I do not have the $500+ dollars it takes to acquire one of these babies via eBay, I guess I am forced to envy from afar.


P.S. - This Nokia is a beast. A sexy, 3G-capable beast...

The Essentials: How To Be a Hipster

I have never really been one to place people in categories or sub-categories based on the way they dress, but in recent years I've caught myself paying more and more attention to the wardrobes of my peers in an attempt to gain a better sense of how my generation thinks and acts.

Therein lays the concept of the hipster. One of the most reviled and revered looks in contemporary fashion circles, 'hipster chic' was created through a skilful combination of the acid punk movement and the inner-city, hip-hop sub-culture that arose in the 1980s.

Nowadays, people from ages 10 to 110 (don't ask me), can be seen sporting elements of this fashion-forward movement all around the world, and Charleston is absolutely no exception to the rule.

Now, in an effort to keep guys from looking like straight-up poseurs, I am here to make sure you find the perfect balance between Joey Ramone and Biz Markie:

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, $50, converse.com

When it comes to the kicks, keep one thing in mind: It's either 'all or nothing'. 'All' means finding a pair of shoes that look like a million dollars and cost about as much, too. You can easily accomplish this at stores such as Suite Sole and Urban Outfitters. 'Nothing' means getting your shoes from either the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army store. This way, you still maintain that rakish, devil-may-care attitude that many hipsters are famous for without falling victim to the superficial machine.

For those of you who like to remain somewhat in the middle, you can always spring for a comfortable pair of canvas Chucks (pictured above). But remember: 'all or nothing'. Either buy them in a bold off-the-wall color (i.e. - neon green, pink or yellow), or keep them mute.

2. Cardigan Sweater, $283, nomdeguerre.com

Made famous by the likes of Pete Doherty, Pharrell Williams and Mr. Rogers, the cardigan sweater has transcended the closet of the nuclear family's father and has become modernized in the eyes of hipsters everywhere. Popular colors include: grey, black and the iconic burgundy.

3. Skinny Jeans, $69.50, us.levi.com

As much as your 'boys' are not going to like being stuffed in practically a 4x4 square of denim, this is the best way to optimize the hipster look. Make sure your jeans are a color other than classic blue. Red, black, grey and white are all acceptable choices. And if there is no way you could possibly shimmy your way into a pair, opt for the roomier straight-leg (which is what I usually wear) or a slim-fit jean. It will still do the trick.

4. Retro T-Shirt, $24, redbubble.com

Think vintage, not necessarily 'old'. Anything that incorporates bright, bold colors or fabrics/patterns that haven't been used since the mid-1970s are all perfect candidates for pulling off the look. Just make sure you stay away from 'ironic' shirts like: 'South Korea's Got Seoul'. You'll look like a poseur and, more importantly, a douche bag...

5. The Hipster Media Library, $13-$20, amazon.com or other music dealers

This one is pretty straightforward: Delete everything that has been heard on the radio in the past 18 months and substitute that for artists such as Chromeo, The Shrines, Neon Neon, The Klaxons, Cut Copy, Little Jackie, The Arctic Monkeys and others of the like. This will indefinitely boost your hipster score. You can get extra points for mentioning bands that no one else has ever heard of.



Brian J. Wilder Photography

Yes, it's official!

I am now (some what) an accomplished photographer...

I've completed my first portfolio and I'm hoping for great results.

Here are a few from the collection:

'Lichen' - Taken with Sony Alpha 100

'Water Drops' - Taken with Sony Alpha 100

Anyone with a discerning, photographic eye please do not hesitate to give me some constructive criticism on how I could get better. Thanks.



Tech Review: MinoHD Mini Cam from FlipCam

I am very excited about the release if this camera. With that, I'll save you the sappy, gushy stuff and get right down to the nitty gritty:

This camera shoots in 720p high-definition. Period.

There is nothing that YouTubers and video bloggers alike are going to love more than this one feature. With its 4GB storage space and relatively long battery life (60 minutes of footage on one charge), the MinoHD is a great investment for those looking to upgrade their video arsenal without getting too technical.


DubiousCraves: Cotton Suit by Nautica

I need a suit. Every self-respecting man in this world needs a suit.

But not just any suit, my friends...

Cotton Suit by Nautica, $369, nautica.com

We as men need a suit that we can feel both comfortable and confident in. Some tailored to our every contour in such a way that makes women turn thier heads and other guys feel just a little less superior than they once were.

This is my suit, ladies and gentlemen. What's yours?



DubiousEndorses: TheDigitel.com

There is something going on with the transition from print to digital media nowadays, and that is the complete lack of a transition! In Charleston, there are a handful of print publications that have made their mark of the greater population, so much so that even if they manage to produce less-than-stellar work, readers will still flock to the stands to pick up the latest issue. No questions asked.

Enter: TheDigitel.com

The Digitel is an aggregation site that was designed to sift through all the fodder that the online versions of larger publications tend to haphazardly throw on their sites everyday.
Local and easy to use, The Digitel serves as sort of a news terminal that allows readers to determine what they think is truly newsworthy.


New Music Review: Kanye West - "Heartless"

As much flack as Mr. West has been getting from the hip-hop world for his latest album, '808's and Heartbreak' set to drop Novemebr 21st, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the new idea that he has taken with his music.

The best example of this comes from the single, 'Heartless', and I for one cannot wait until the album release. But the big surprise was the music video for the song. Not only was it produced by the legendary Hype Williams, but it was shot entirely in rotoscope animation!

Kanye West - Heartless Official Music Video. Directed by Hype WIlliams.

Think 'American Pop' or 'A Scanner Darkly'...



DubiousSighting: My 'Green' Initiative

I've been contemplating creating a photography portfolio for my resume and have been taking a few pics here and there. Nothing too exciting, (or perhaps more exciting than I think).

But this photograph in particular struck a chord with me:

Taken with a Sony Alpha 100. 75mm lens.

I was at the Starbucks downtown on Calhoun Street and this one little shoot of grass that decided to defy convention and set up shop on a barren plot of land.

As much as I would like to make some cockamamie parallelism to how this plant is like America and change and blah blah blah, but I don't think it would it justice.

Simply put: It's nature striking out on its own. Nothing more, nothing less...



DubiousPolitics: Email from Jeri O. Cabot, Dean of Students for the College of Charleston

We have reaffirmed with the Charleston Election Commission that CofC students can use their CofC ID cards and voter registration cards to vote. If for some reason you were turned away today or given a provisional ballot, please return to your precinct to vote.
We have arranged for people to be present to assist returning students and guide them to the head of the line. Tell a poll watcher that you are a CofC student that was improperly turned away earlier. This message is likely to apply mostly to the precincts voting at Buist Academy, Memminger Elementary or Charleston Water Works. The differences in interpretation of state law have been resolved.
The polls close at 7:00 p.m., so please hurry if you this message applies to you!!!
Jeri Cabot
Dean of Students