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Tech Review: Street Fighter IV

The newest addition to the long line of head-to-head fighting games from the Capcom studios, Street Fighter IV has stirred up a great deal of buzz over the past few months.

With the final product having been unveiled just recently at CES 2009, SF IV has all the promise of being the premiere arcade game of the year. Capcom, known for the Mega Man series as well as a slew of crossover fighting games, has pulled out all the stops by creating a 3-D masterpiece.

With home copies available for X-Box 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC, there should be no problem finding someone with an available copy; and much like the multi-platform release of Soul Caliber IV, the platform you choose to buy the game for will determine the list of characters you will be able to play with.

The fighting style of the game is very reminiscent of SF: 3rd Strike with the ability to perform tech blocks and combos. But it is when you perform a character's Super/Ultra combo that the difference becomes clear:

Gameplay between Akuma and Gouken.

With crisp, Anime-style graphics, responsive gameplay, and classicly recognizable controls at your fingertips, SF IV is definitely a gem you'll need to add to your collection.


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