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New Music Review: Kid Cudi feat. Wale - "Is There Any Love?"

For the first time a while, I've come across a song that had to grow on me before I decided to accept it.

Kid Cudi seemed like he came out of nowhere, right? A combination of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and...Dead Prez.

Is There Any Love? is a hauntingly beautiful song that gets to the grittiness of the Ohio-born rapper as he contests whether the hip-hop nation is ever going to give Cudi the recognition and respect that he and his comrades deserve.

Kid Cudi feat. Wale - "Is There Any Love?"/G.O.O.D Music

Now that he has signed with Kanye-owned labe, GOOD Music, it's now left up to time to tell whether he's going to shoot for the stars or crash and burn.


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