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A blog that a friend of mine recommended to me not to long ago, ‘1001 Rules for My Unborn Son’ is definitely one of those gems that you should not give just a passing thought to.

To be concise: It is a no-nonsense blog that unforgivably outlines all of the things that a male (whether white or black, or anything in between), growing up in this tumultuous world should always be aware, regardless of the situation.

An image from the latest post.

I (more than anyone) cannot be more appreciative of such a privilege than to bear witness to a piece of online writing with more poignancy than that of, say, Heller’s ‘Catch 22’. And I cried at the end of that book.



David Heiser said...

I'm sure I can google it, but a link might be helpful.

Brian said...

Try clicking on the post's title...

David Heiser said...

ah, didn't think of that...on my blog it just takes you to the posts individual page...i retract my statement

sara's mom :-) said...

The 1001 rules are fantastic.