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DubiousSighting: The September 2008 Issue of Esquire

September 2008 cover of Esquire with Tom Brady. Photo credit: DubiousOne

This is one of the few issues of this magazine that I have admittedly read from front to back, verbatim.

That says a great deal for an industry that has suffered loss after loss for at least the past six or seven years. But now worries, there is most definitely a light at the end of the tunnel and its name is Esquire—although GQ got to Brady first.

September’s particular issue not only addresses those of us who are feeling the effects of the economic recession more than others, but it also sports an 18-page portfolio, of sorts, that gives an in-depth look at that age-old, American pastime known as steak.

From both a design standpoint as well as the matter of content, Esquire definitely takes the cake on this one. To say that it is ‘flawless’ may seem like somewhat of an overstatement but I promise you, it would be in your best interest to purchase two copies: one for you and someone else that you also give a damn about…


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