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DubiousEndorses: 12seconds.tv

The funny thing about this site is that it really isn't anything revolutionary, by any means of the definition, or cutting edge. It is basically a video version of Twitter.

But there's a catch with 12seconds.tv: It is one of the most user-friendly vlog services that I have seen in a long time. Yes, you could invest the time and money into an awesome video studio setup, light box, reflector and all the other cumbersome goodies that come with the whole kit 'n kabootle.

Or you could go to your nearest electronics store/department, pick up a $30 webcam and get cracking on potentially making some of the most entartaining and interesting, 12-second videos that the world has ever seen!

If your not that ambitious, you could just vlog about your daily goings-on and with the mobile video feature, you could become your very own walking, talking mini-vlogger.

Either way, I highly recommend asking a friend (or even a complete stranger) for an invite to one of the best condensed vlogging sites to come around in a long time.



Nate Mallard said...

Come around in a while, aren't they the only micro-vlog?

Brian J. Wilder said...

I guess, if you don't count YouTube and the capabilities available on Facebook and MySpace...

Pasha said...

Also, no need for an invite anymore - as of today they're in public beta, so anyone can sign up. Awesome article!