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New Music Review: Karaoke - T. Pain feat. DJ Khaled

This is one of those classic tracks that spends most of its potential and energy calling out other rap artists for stealing or 'borrowing' a style from the accuser that was already created by an artist that was around way before them.

Enter: T-Pain's effigy to the Auto Tune, 'Karaoke' featuring the ubiquitous DJ Khaled.

There is something to be said about a new school rap artists who puts out a track that admonishes anyone who has ever used an Auto Tune to create their own hit: They are more than likely a hypocrite.

T-Pain (left) and DJ Khaled performing at a Miami club earlier this year.

Unfortunately, T-Pain is absolutely no exception to this rule. Even though he may pay tribute to the great Roger Troutman, but most of the song is dedicated to the idea that people are biting a style that he (clearly) made more popular than Zapp and Roger themselves.

Bottom line: T-Pain was a tad bit misguided with the production of this song. He took a few jabs at his style too seriously and allowed it to manifest itself into the song, 'Karaoke'. Hopefully, he will not take this oversensitivity to any higher levels and make a whole album damning those who stand against him. Hopefully...


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