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The Essentials: Get On the Good Foot...

Men in modern society, for the most part, have a very narrow scope when it comes to their shoe selections. They rarely tend to venture past that worn-down pair or Rainbow or Reef flip flops and the pair of brown loafers worn for every special occasion from your 12th birthday to your older sister's college graduation.

It's time to refine your palete before you run the risk of being labeled "that guy" who still wears New Balances with khakis:

1. The Chelsea Boot

Made famous by British bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the chelsea (or dealer boot, for the England natives), became an essential part of the gentlemen's wardrobe from the mid-60s on.

Air Lucarno Chelsea Boot with Nike AIR Technology by Cole Haan. $430. zappos.com.

Chelsea boots are best worn with slim cut pants and suits, becuase the boot itself is usually made of a skinnier design. As long as you keep the boot simple (i.e. - brown or black), the rest of your outfit should, and will, follow suit.

2. The Classic Samba

A quinessential staple for casual Fridays and weekend getaways.

Adidas Samba Classic Soccer Shoe. $40. adidas.com

Pair it with a khaki suit, but make sure you lose the button down and opt for a lightweight polo or t-shirt to maintain the laid-back look.

3. The Wild Card

As much as I would like for all young men to follow the guidelines of sofisticated style, you always need to leave room for a little imagination.

Nike Vandal Supreme High. $140. nike.com

A new favorite of mine would have to be these incredible Nike Vandal Supreme Highs that I scoped a few months ago. I have yet to secure a pair (the soles have wood grain accents, for crying out loud).

No matter what you decide, make sure you're comfortable and go a little crazy if you like. You won't go wrong, though, if you keep it simple and make it your own.



Blank Label said...

the chelsea boot is great.
i hate having leather shoes that are cut so high above the ankle though. mostly because getting my foot into the shoe is a pain when you are trying not to bend the leather.

Charms said...

"I always have my pair of black formal shoes, and a sneaker one, or even a juicy couture boot. They were all very important for me for office work, tennis play, or even just hanging around."

Anonymous said...

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