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DubiousCraves: Lasonic i931 Portable iPod Ghetto Blaster

As much as I hate to perpetuate the stereotype that has come with the ghettoblaster-carrying era of the urban mid-80s, there is something utterly irresistable about the Lasonic Portable iPod Ghettoblaster.

The nostaligic qualities alone make it the perfect summer gift for your freinds, family and even (most importantly) your damned self!

It has an AM/FM tuner, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, USB input and SD card reader for direct MP3 playback. The only downside is the incompatibility it has with iPhones, but the auxillary jack should clear that up.

Lasonic's RAP-UP limited-edition Ghettoblaster, $169, lasonic.com

Not only would you be the talk of probably all of your friends, but this is definitely something that could be handed down from generation to generation.

Radio Raheem would be proud.


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