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DubiousCraves: The Nokia 7900 'Prism' Phone

Why is it that some of the most advanced, highy adaptable and asthetically pleasing phones are never available in the United States?

Why do we have to settle with all the second-rate crap that comes across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans while folks in other countries get to revel in the idea of own phones that can e-mail, tether WiFi connections, babysit the kids and make a mean shrimp and grits all at the same time?

Nokia's 7900 'Prism' Quadband Phone, $699

Since I do not have the $500+ dollars it takes to acquire one of these babies via eBay, I guess I am forced to envy from afar.


P.S. - This Nokia is a beast. A sexy, 3G-capable beast...

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