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DubiousEndorses: TheDigitel.com

There is something going on with the transition from print to digital media nowadays, and that is the complete lack of a transition! In Charleston, there are a handful of print publications that have made their mark of the greater population, so much so that even if they manage to produce less-than-stellar work, readers will still flock to the stands to pick up the latest issue. No questions asked.

Enter: TheDigitel.com

The Digitel is an aggregation site that was designed to sift through all the fodder that the online versions of larger publications tend to haphazardly throw on their sites everyday.
Local and easy to use, The Digitel serves as sort of a news terminal that allows readers to determine what they think is truly newsworthy.



David Heiser said...

Hmmm, I wonder why Brian would be endorsing TheDigitel....Who knows?

My question is, do you think that sites like TheDigitel will be able to last over the long term once the print publications start to actually get their acts together with their online versions? It's bound to happen eventually, what will they do to differentiate themselves?

Brian J. Wilder said...

Perhaps, since the Digitel does include original content, it could become its own self-sustaining publication.

Who knows?