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DubiousPolitics: Email from Jeri O. Cabot, Dean of Students for the College of Charleston

We have reaffirmed with the Charleston Election Commission that CofC students can use their CofC ID cards and voter registration cards to vote. If for some reason you were turned away today or given a provisional ballot, please return to your precinct to vote.
We have arranged for people to be present to assist returning students and guide them to the head of the line. Tell a poll watcher that you are a CofC student that was improperly turned away earlier. This message is likely to apply mostly to the precincts voting at Buist Academy, Memminger Elementary or Charleston Water Works. The differences in interpretation of state law have been resolved.
The polls close at 7:00 p.m., so please hurry if you this message applies to you!!!
Jeri Cabot
Dean of Students

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