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DubiousCraves: Nike Air Yeezys

I really don't like to promote people who have very little problem promoting themselves, but there is something beautiful and undeniable about the (fairly) new set of sneakers that are the product of a Nike and Kanye West collaboration.

Air Yeezys evoke a certain swagger and genius of design that's unparalleled.

Unfortunately, it's rather hard to find a pair at all in Charleston, so it would be in your best interest to make that trip to the source and cop a pair of your own: the Internet. Be careful, though. Just like custom-made Dunks, for every legitimate seller in the world, there are 100 more willing to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash without any remorse.


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Blank Label said...

chunky shoes do seem to be in season, but they make your foot look extra large, especially when your pants are fitted with a slim leg.
i dont think im a big fan of the Yeezy's, but im not trying to be a hater either.