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DubiousSighting: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: 50 Years Cultural Ambassador to the World

There is much justice my words could even begin to do when it comes to describing the Alvin Ailey dance company’s performance. Unfortunately, the powers that be did not allow photography (flash or otherwise) during the show, so mere words will have to do.

What made the 8 p.m. performance so memorable was the fact that the audience was treated to a little something extra—or in theater terms, “Program B”—which meant the addition of an anniversary highlights video that chronicled the life and times of Mr. Ailey and his vision.

After the short video, we were treated to one of the most prolific dance performances to ever grace the Gaillard Auditorium stage. No exaggeration here, my friends, everything from choreography and lighting to the raw talent of each performer just shined with each leap across the stage and pirouette under the spotlight.

Revelations: "Wade in the Water"- Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Company.

The best segment of the night was definitely “Revelations”, easily the most famous all Ailey’s works. From start to finish, it lived up to every inch of its reputation, causing even those unfamiliar with Ailey’s accomplishments to stand up and cheer (much to my chagrin).

In the end, 50 Years… was the perfect way to round out this Memorial Day weekend. Every twist and turn was executed down to a tee. Unlucky are those who didn’t secure their seat for one of the few events that will undoubtedly define the 2009 Spoleto season.


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