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New Music Review: Asher Roth - "Asleep in the Bread Aisle"

Now that everyone is starting to come down from the high that was “I Love College”, Asher Roth fans can finally get a taste of what this college-aged rapper from the suburbs is all about. Asleep in…is, as expected, an eclectic and often hilarious album that falls somewhere between weekend keg bender and Afroman. With songs such as “Blunt Cruisin’” (a testament to the age-old practice of driving under the influence) and “Sour Patch Kids” (a playful, but poignant, jab at other underground rappers that leave an unpleasant taste in his mouth), there’s something out there for everyone.

Self-proclaimed “hip-hop purists” will tell you that Roth’s debut album is a dwarf in comparison to the unsigned material found on his Greenhouse Effect mixtape, but with support from artists such as Cee-Lo Green, Busta Rhymes, Jazze Pha and Keri Hilson, Roth will have no trouble proving critics wrong.

Produced mostly by Mr. Roth, Asleep in the Bread Aisle has become the perfect stepping stone for a modest, suburban kid from Philadelphia an opportunity to make him name known in the high-stakes world of mainstream hip-hop.

Listen Now: “Lark on My Go-Kart”, “Bad Day” and “I Love College”.


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