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New Music Review: Big Boi feat. Andre 3000 and Raekwon - "Royal Flush"

It was a long time coming for the Savannah-born rapper to finally release his solo LP, but then again it’s very hard to call “Sir Lucious Left Foot” a ‘solo’ effort considering the fact that Andre 3000 had a hand in both producing and guest appearing on several songs of the 12-track album.

Either way, the newest single to drop, “Royal Flush” is nothing short of a bona fide hit for anyone who is a true follower of Southern-fried hip-hop. If the simplicity of the one-two bass drop doesn’t get you going, then I’m sure either the guest appearance by Raekwon or the sample of The Isley Brothers’, “Voyage to Atlantis” are sure to put you over the edge.

Overall, the beat is amazing, vocals are top notch (thanks to the support of Outkast’s better half, Andre 3000), and the production is out of this world; an instant vintage in my book.


photo credit: mtv.com

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