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New Music Review: Busta Rhymes - "Don't Touch Me"

Ever since his appearance in Zhane's video for the song, "It's a Party" back in 1996, Busta has always been known as the funky, eccentric rapper from Uniondale, New York with the signature dreadlocks.

Unfortunately, somewhere between the release of "The Big Bang" and the shearing of his locks, Busta lost his 'way'. The same 'way' that brought us hits like: "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See", "Woo Hah! Got You All in Check", and many more.

Regardless of his previous shortcomings (including the recent collaborative effort with Linkin' Park) Busta is back at it again with a new album, I'm Blessed, and backing by big-name rapper and producer, Dr. Dre. His flagship single, "Don't Touch Me", has a hot music video that is very reminiscent of his earlier, off-the-wall days and is a welcomed change from his pre-packaged, mainstream flop.

Welcome back, Busta...


Photo credit: remixes.net

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