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Tech Review: LG Prada Edition Phone

Never being one to allow function to follow form when it comes to technology, I found myself “turning over a new leaf”, as it were, when I stumbled upon a techno-site that had recently did a review on a sleek and rather sexy phone that looked like, and then didn’t look like the Apple iPhone. Its mysteriousness alone conjured up images of a Bond-type character sipping a martini at an exclusive bar in Monaco and then receiving a phone call from Q about the newest ‘007’ weapon he’s been working on.

Either way, the LG Prada is a device that effortlessly combines the innovative touch-screen technology made popular by the folks over a Apple and a streamlined style that even Adriana Lima would be jealous of.

The Prada uses a GSM network (when it’s not being unlocked by hackers around the globe), so anyone who is not on the Cingular/AT&T, Alltel, etc. networks are pretty much up the creek; then again, the phone would lose a sense of exclusivity if suddenly it were readily available to--gasp!--everyone!?

The LG Prada Edition Phone (LG/PRADA, $600, thepradabylg.com)

As far as its abilities/specifications are concerned, the Prada can do pretty much all the things an iPhone can (document viewing, Bluetooth, WLAN, FM radio, etc.), but again, with a flair and overall style all its own.

The price tag for this beauty weights in at a hefty $600, but you know as they say: "Can you really put a price on love?"


Photo credit: gsmmag.com, st8tohoops.com

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