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The Essentials: Dandies, Unite!

If there's anything I like more than all-encompassing European style, it would have to be the braggadocio that practically permeates from a British dandy. Thus, the inspiration for this week's 'Essentials':

1. The Herringbone Spot Tie, $130, turnbullandasser.com

Established In London back in 1885, Turnbull and Asser are considered one of the front runners of true, English style and dress. Everything from bespoke suits and shirts to top-notch ascots, ties and handkerchiefs can be found in their flagship store on Jermyn Street in the UK.

A bold, outspoken tie is integral to pulling off the coveted ‘dandy’ look correctly. It should always compliment (not match) both pocket square and shirt, but for an extra dose of flamboyance, pair the tie with dress socks of the same, or very similar, hue.

2. Ready-Made Wing Cap Shoe, $800, edwardgreen.com

Contrary to popular belief, your suit should not always be the section of your wardrobe that you spend the most money on. Invest in a quality pair of dress shoes to match your bespoke suit (you do have one, correct?), for it will do wonders whenever you decide to put it all together. Consider high-quality dress shoes a dandy’s best friend.

3. Bespoke Chalk Stripe Suit, starting at $1,300, markpowellbespoke.co.uk

As I said before, no matter how much you paid for a suit and regardless of where it originated from, you will need to get it tailored (or ‘bespoke’, for you Yankees out there). To keep in with the flashy and borderline gaudy persona of the dandy, might I suggest purchasing a chalk stripe (pictured above) or glenplaid-patterned suit.

4. Self Stripe Shirt, $190, gievesandhawkes.com

Now, I know I’ve told you that a main part of being a ‘dandy’ is harnessing that bold spark, so to speak, and focusing it into your wardrobe, but be warned: With a style like this, it is becomes increasingly easy to make a ‘misstep’ and completely ruin a good look. So with that in mind, I implore you not to pair a striped shirt with a striped suit.

This tactic is reserved for those who have had either no prior instruction whatsoever, or for the select few who have been dressing ‘dandy’ for a significant part of their lives and you, my friend, do not fall into either category.

5. Cross Cuff Links, $295, duncanquinn.com

This is one of the places on your clothing that you could have a little fun with. Go for broke! You’re a dandy, for cripes sake! Mix and match. Switch out studs for something a little more adventurous like skulls, casino dice or even Monopoly pieces. Whether traditional or ultra-modern, you cannot go wrong. Scout’s honor…


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