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DubiousTrend: 80s-Inspired Clothing

Over the past few months, I have seen an emergence of younger people, who were once filed under the ‘hipster’ sub-genre, stepping into the Charleston fashion ring, so to speak. Everything from ultra-skinny jeans to vintage shirts, ties and sweaters have been popping up virtually everywhere recently.

One good thing about this overflow in quasi-emo attire is the gaining popularity of the Technicolor-like designs and Roy Lichtenstein-inspired prints found on t-shirts, jeans, jackets, shoes and almost anything else a budding design collective could possibly get their hands on. All of which harkens back to the young, fly and flash days of the inner-city 1980s, a time where people acquired a classic and timeless sense of street style.

Every one from mainstay, Coogi, to the ultra-trendy, skater clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club, has been getting in on the action as of late. I wonder what this means for the future of Charleston’s ever-so-traditional fashion sense?

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