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The Essentials: The College Years

As I round out my final semesters, I find myself becoming more and more nostalgic of days gone by. I guess that is the main feeling that prompted me to do this edition of ‘The Essentials.’

Superbad, $12.99, amazon.com

By far one of the most accurate high-school sagas of my generation. Not only does Michael Cera and Jonah Hill make you question what your true status was during those turbulent days, they are also successful in bringing audiences to their knees with a crude vocabulary that rivals Colin Farrell. Just like high school, indeed.

Hot Pockets, $3, hotpockets.com

One of the most versatile, portable and absolutely delicious snacks of all time, the Hot Pocket has replaced Ramen Noodles as the resident relief of those mid-day, late-night and everything-in-between hunger pangs that only seem to occur in college. I remember many a day when ‘Cheddar and Chicken with Broccoli’ got me through many a hungry night.

NOW: That’s What I Call Music!
Vol. 22, $13.99, amazon.com

I searched through all 28 volumes of this infamous series and finally found the one that summed up the greatest, most unpredictable, nastiest, totally awesome time during college: Freshman year. With everything from ‘Miss New Booty’ by Bubba Sparxxx (guys: ladies played this song while getting dressed to go out) to Sean Paul’s ‘Temperature’ (guys: ladies would dance with you to this song whether drunk or sober), this practically pin-pointed the true pinnacle of the 'college experience'.

Apple 60GB iPod, $299.99, apple.com

The version right before the sixth generation and then the newer, ‘Touch’ model, the iPod Classic was perfect for parties, social isolation and status seeking. Considering the fact that we did not know anyone, let alone ourselves, who owned a ‘kagillion’ albums that the iPod was able to store, we still flocked to Best Buys’ around the world to get our hands on one. God bless excess.

The Great Gatsby, $11, amazon.com

I just keep this book around as a constant reminder that sometimes: College isn’t really that much different from high school…


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