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DubiousSighting: McCrady’s Restaurant's 10-Course Tasting Event

Chef Blais doing what he does best. Bravo/Top Chef

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of being wined-and-dined by one of the most innovative, and often times ‘explorative’, duos in the dining world. Chefs Richard Blais, of ‘Top Chef’ fame and McCrady’s executive chef, Sean Brock, treated guests to an astounding 10-course tasting menu that featured everything from pork belly (my personal favorite) to green tomato soup, and everything in between.

Chef Brock hard at work in the kitchen. CCP/Reuters

All in all, it was an amazing event that I implore every man with half a conscience to participate in. Not only is it an opportunity to fill one’s gullet with preposterously good food, moreover, it is a chance to experience something that is truly awe-inspiring and beneficial to upping one’s ‘cuisine cred’.

Blais' 'Canned Soup' course that put a Southern twist on traditional gazpacho (top) and a rendition of crab and cole slaw. DubiousOne/GSO



girls about charlestowne said...

Brian did you take that picture of Richard Blais? It looks great. I'm so jealous I missed this dinner. -Bridget

BJW said...

I took the bottom two...The dinner was superb