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Tech Review: The ‘G1’ for Google Android by T-Mobile

In the past few weeks, I have been scanning the Internet trying to figure out what the ‘true’ final verdict on what the ‘G1’ has to offer. Frankly, there is very little I can say in regards to Google’s attempt at raking in some of the market shares on the high-end smart phone business.

From what I can tell, it almost seems a little counterproductive for Google to compete with the one company that all of its products and services are most compatible with. This seems to be a situation where Google is trying to take a stab at Apple on a near-personal level otherwise I see no reason to release the ‘G1’. Unless, of course, Google is trying to further expand its empire Alexander-the-Great style?

T-Mobile 'G1' for Google Android

Either way, the ‘G1’ has practically the same amenities that iPhone does (save for the fact that you CANNOT sync/dock your contacts and agenda via Outlook), and is slated to cost about the same as its Apple opponent.

Bottom line: Save your money and your time, keep your iPhone and pick up a copy/subscription of MobileMe as soon as you can. It will be the better decision in the long run, hands down.


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