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Tech Review: 'SPORE' for PC

For a game that allows you to ride an evolutionary roller coaster from start to finish, Spore, a creature creator and wildlife simulator, has managed to keep me glued to my seat for nearly a week now. Developed by the same companies that brought you classics like the Madden series and the infamous line of SIM-related games have put their creative minds together and have produced one hell of an entertaining game.

A brief synopsis: You start out on a non-descript planet somewhere in the galaxy as a single-celled microorganism whose main goal is to eat without getting eaten. More importantly, Spore gives you the opportunity to climb the evolutionary ladder all the way to a point where you can take your new-grown civilization to new heights and populate other planets in space.

One of many creatures that your 'spore' can evolve into. Maxis/EA Games.

All in all, it is an amazing new angle Maxis has taken on a relatively overdone concept. It’s fresh, unique, whimsical and wildly engaging.


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