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DubiousSighting: Baked Bakery and Coffee

The view outside my window. I could get used to this...

It's about 8 a.m. as I write this post and I couldn't help but wonder something: why don't I ever see more black people at coffee shops in the morning?

At first, part of me thought that it was just a scheduling conflict, of sorts, you know? Most people usually don't make it into work these days until about 9 a.m or so, right?

But then, as I took a closer look at the types of people coming into the coffee shop, I realized that it's really a certain caliber of human being that frequents these types of establishments at such an ungodly time of the morning (both black and white, mind you).

The same caliber that's been responsible for adapting that old adage: "The early bird gets the worm."

They say that there's no real rest for the wary, and now I've finally figured out what that means now after the countless times I've heard it.

It means that in order to be truly successful in this life, you can't allow yourself to be satisfied with the status quo. You always have to have that fire in your belly, so to speak.

It was with this revelation that I also realized that I hadn't felt said "fire" for a long time until recently (which is rather odd for a 22-year-old).

So, I suppose, there is much to be said for that much scrutinized, but often underrated "early bird" crowd that flocks to the nearest java spot. They've got a lot to accomplish in a very short period of time, or to "catch the worm", if you will.

This is a mentality that I could definitely get used to...



KJtheGreat said...

never thought of it that way, makes perfect since though.

KJtheGreat said...

ooooops! i meant "SENSE"! makes perfect sense...my bad! hahaha