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New Music Review: Diddy – Last Train to Paris

It's bad enough most of us are still trying to get the taste of Press Play out of our mouths, but Diddy has done it again with his art nouveau-inspired album, Last Train to Paris.

First announced (almost seven months before the projected release date), during an episode of Making the Band, this album is anything short of a train wreck.

Promising fans that he's going to "bring a new sound", Diddy is more than confident in his talents as a rapper and producer.

A screenshot of Diddy's LSTP iPhone app that keeps you updated with everything from concert dates to Twitter posts.

But this is just a bunch of hot air out of the wrong end of Bad Boy's head-guy-in-charge.

He should have stuck to things he was go at, like throwing white parties, and left hip-hop to the professionals.

Listen Now (but you really don't have to): "Diddy Bop"


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