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New Music Review: M.O.P – Foundation

"Ante Up!" – This is probably the anthem that most hardcore hip-hop enthusiasts are familiar with. Yes, there was a time when M.O.P muscled their way to the tippy top of the rap mountain with head bangers like "Cold as Ice" and the "Ante Up!" remixes with Busta Rhymes and Remy Martin.

But this doesn't mean that their rise to fame, in the late 90s, wasn't riddled with label disputes, petty in-fighting and money woes.

Through it all, they've been able to come from the ashes and release a preview of, Foundation, their ninth studio album overall and first album with the E1 Music label.

Foundation, right off the bat, has something that most hip-hop of this sub-genre doesn't: Intensity.

And I'm not just talking about the bang-your-head-in type of intensity. There is a certain rawness and reality that comes with many of the tracks on the album. The most complex and heavy track is "Prep Foundation". There's not much I can say other than it is definitely the track to be on the lookout for.

The full album is slated to release December 29th, but for anyone that's even remotely familiar with the rap game, release dates are usually taken for a grain of salt.

Listen Now: "Prep Foundation" and "Blow the Horns" featuring Busta Rhymes.


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