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New Music Review: Jeremih

This young upstart has had a quick rise to the top of the charts over the past few months.

With his signature track, "Birthday Sex", backing him up, most people would look at this artist and think that he has everything going for him and then some.

Unfortunately, I am not most people. The biggest problem with this album is not all-star production cast (Mike Schultz of Def Jam Records), or the official backing of L.A. Reid, Island Def Jam's chairman and executive VP of A&R.

No, it's more so the fact that Jeremih, (pronounced Jere-mee), is just not very good on this album. While one can applaud him for keeping the guest list of supporting artists down to a bare minimum, the album just doesn't have much of a voice.

There is no unique or defining factor that separates him from the rest of the watered-down, sorry excuses for R&B floating around the charts right now. And as much as I would like to give him a chance, I really just can't.

Granted, women are still going to get weak in the knees every time they hear the tell-tale "Girl, you know I-I-I-I" reprieve, but Jeremih's novelty is going to fizzle out faster than most of those same women would like to think.

Listen Now: "Birthday Sex" and "Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)"


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