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DubiousTips: Staying Fit on the Go

Work, school, children, parents, stress, deadlines, coffee runs and lunch breaks – these are just a handful of the many distractions in our lives that keep us from eating healthy and staying fit. But there is hope. Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade to stay active in an overactive world:

  • Regardless of how much free time you may have at the end of the day, do NOT exercise at night. The added flow of adrenaline could keep you awake for anywhere up to four hours after you leave the gym. This does not bode well for the morning after.
  • If you can schedule it, try to work out a weekly routine with a partner a few days a week; preferably someone who isn't prone to convincing you to skip out on workout days. The added pressure of not wanting to stand up or reschedule with your partner will give you enough motivation to keep with the routine.
  • It's perfectly okay to "workout" at your desk, but don't be that obnoxious co-worker that turns at-your-desk butt crunches into a spectator sport. We've come here to work and complain about work, not watch the strained look on your face.
  • Treat your workout routine as a sacred ritual; A time when you can release all the stress and strain that you might be carrying. This will make the experience seem more enjoyable and less of a chore.
  • There are a handful of iPhone apps, like iFitness and the "100" collection, that can help stay in shape without missing a beat. Check them out on the App Store in iTunes under "Healthcare and Fitness".


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