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DubiousEndorses: Pandora Radio

So what if I'm just a tad bit late to jump on the online radio bandwagon, in essence, Pandora Radio is pretty much the only radio client you will ever need.

More so, because they have recently added the most updated version (Pandora 1.2) to the Apple Apps Store, so anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch will have the opportunity to listen to Rilo Kiley, Prince or Talking Heads all day, everyday ad nauseum.

Either way, I highly recommend adding this site to your bookmarks and letting the tunes flow forever and always.



David Heiser said...

I get the same thing at last.fm. It's awesome because they've been cataloging all the songs I've played in my iTunes or on my iPod since I was a freshman and make recommendations based on that. You should try that. Let them scrobble your music for a month and the recommendations are awesome.

John said...

Yeah, it's by all accounts a great site. Unfortunately if you're not American all Pandora amounts to is an error message telling you you're not allowed to use it due to "licensing restrictions". No doubt not their fault, but very disappointing nevertheless.

Brian J. Wilder said...

I heard about Pandora being an exclusively 'American' thing, which is very unfortunate. Hopefully, they will see the error of their ways and up the server capacity to serve our overseas comrades...