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Tech Review: Amex Digital Blu-Ray Burner/Player

In the wake of Steve Jobs' lackluster 'announcement' of a new-and-improved MacBook/MacBook Pro release, people have been left wondering, 'Where's the Beef?'

Not only did Apple fail to introduce anything really compelling to an audience that was practically on the edge of its seats waiting for the 'next big thing', the upgrades that were revealed lacked any real staying power, I mean, removing the track button? Really?

Amex Digital Blu-ray burner and player, $289, amexdigital.com

But fear not, for the good folks over at Amex Digital have unveiled an external Blu-ray burner (and player), for USB-ready Macs, including, iMac and MacBook Air, and with a rather light price tag of only $289, it just might force Apple to start burning the midnight oil.


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