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The Essentials: The Recession Wardrobe

As much flack as I have gotten in the past about my opulent clothing/accessory choices, I feel that in light of our country's current financial situation, perhaps a more spendthrift-friendly 'Essentials' is more in order. So, without further adieu:

1. TopMan Indigo Straight Leg Jeans, $70, topman.com

I am firm in the fact that every self-respecting man needs a good pair of dark-washed jeans in their closet. Not only can you pair them with a nice driving shoe or moccasin, but they are dressy enough to match with a dark blazer and leather dress shoes as well.

2. US Navy Type Pea Coat, $69, peacoats.com

Granted, it may not get cold enough for a full-on, military-inspired pea coat, but that's all the more reason to perhaps take a trip to a more frigid climate. If all else fails, you can wear this indoors, because you will lose your heat at least once this season. In the end, I recommend pairing this with a broken in Oxford and a skinny tie to get the desired effect; this way, the modern look of the tie will offset the imposing silhouette of the coat.

Oh and remember: Never by a coat like this a size or two too large, you don't want to give off the appearance of an actual sailor. It should fit snug on the shoulders and give you room throughout the arms.

3. Argyle V-Neck Sweater, $49.50, gap.com

A lightweight sweater is essential to any male wardrobe as the go-to 'top', so to speak, if myour not in the mood to throw on a heavy-duty jacket or coat. Try put it over an unbuttoned, point-collar shirt for a very unkempt, rakish look.

4. Desert Boots, $80, eastlandshoe.com

Seeing that I am about to graduate from college, there seemingly needs to be a point where one have to throw out those bulky, square-toed shoes that get dusted off for anything that may remotely resemble a 'special occasion' (i.e. weddings, funerals, job interviews, etc.).

Instead, i would opt for a pair of these understated boots that can be worn from the office to the dinner table without scrutiny. I would still suggest picking up a pair of leather dress shoes (cap toe or otherwise), for the intermittent interview...

5. Rugby Stripe Scarf, $26, urbanoutfitters.com

I've noticed lately that men are really getting elaborate with their scarf selections, which is odd, considering the fact that it's still about 80+ degrees during the day here in Charleston.

Bottom line: Your scarf should be one of the more understated accessories in your repertoire as not to run the risk of clashing with any of the other colors in your outfit. I know that crazy, multi-colored Tartan scarf looks bad ass now, but once you find out that you can't wear it with anything without looking like a douche, then it just looks bad. Keep your colors to about one or two per scarf; you'll thank me later.


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Interesting blog but your anti-crisis prices are way high! Tell you what I'll do one on my blog THE WORLD on blogger and lets see if my essential wardrobe costs less