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It's The Little Things...

Accessories. When a man hears this word, he automatically assumes (more often than not), that it is more of a concern for the female persuasion. Unfortunately, it is that kind of one-sided thinking that has brought us androgynous attempts such as the 'Fanny Pack' and 'Chaco' sandals.

Here are a few, more 'manly' accessories that have caught my eye over the past few weeks:

Collar Stiffeners by James & Longbourne

Watch by Simon Carter of London

The Blackberry Storm by RIM for Verizon Wireless

Moleskine notebook

Business Card Holder by Acme Studio

Dino Bone Dog Tag Necklace by David Yurman




David Heiser said...

Good picks this time. I've been meaning to pick up a pair of metal collar stiffeners. I've got a bunch of cheap plastic ones but I have a tendency to forget to take them out of my shirts and they get messed up in the dryer.

I really like that business card holder too. I'll have to get something like that once I hit the working world.

Jared said...

If I were on VZW I would be salivating for the Storm. I'm on AT&T, though, and the Bold is a pretty wonderful-looking device as well, so that will do for me (plus I'm a big actual-keyboard guy when it comes to my cell...)

Anonymous said...

Never leave anywhere without my Moleskine.