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New Music Review: Beyonce - 'Single Ladies'

This is one of those rare occasions when I deviate from the status quo and take the road less traveled. The focus is not necessarily on the song or lyrics of this track, but more so on the visuals.

A friend sent me an audio sample from Beyonce's new album, '
I Am...', and at first I was quite reluctant to say anything about them, let alone donate the space on my blog for it.

Beyonce's video for 'Single Ladies'.

But then, I came across the music video for 'Single Ladies' and for a moment I was stunned. There was something about the choreography that I could not quite put my finger on. Then, after the 7th or 8th viewing, it hit me! She borrowed much of her steps from an old performance on the Ed Sullivan Show back in the mid-70s.

A trio headed by Gwen Verdon performed a dance number called, "Mexican Breakfast", that has been manipulated to follow the song, 'Walk It Out' by DJ Unk.

The original Gwen Verdon performance from the Ed Sullivan Show.

Granted, it was a formidable attempt by Beyonce to reaffirm herself as a mainstream, pop queen but it was her videos, not her voice, that took the cake this go-around.



David Heiser said...

My question is, why have you seen that old clip of "Mexican Breakfast" before? How on earth did you recognize that?

brian w said...

On College Humor, there was a video of this with 'Walk It Out' by DJ Unk as the background music. It was timed perfectly. You should check it out..