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DubiousCraves: Coppa Salami

Yes, this is rather weird at first glance but bare with me. Coming from a mainly Italian/Sicilian upbringing, I have had the liberty of tasting a fair amount of what the Mediterranean has had to offer; but amidst all the amazing frutti de mare that have helped to hone this palette, I have always had an affinity for the turf and not so much the surf.

With that said, I must mention one of my most beloved cuts of meat, Coppa Panchetta, or 'Coppa' for short. This cured ham is cut from one of the most sought after parts of the pig, the spare ribs. It's a very sweet-smelling and strong-tasting salami that I have been having so much trouble finding here in Charleston.

Fortunately, I was recently tipped off by one of my foodie friends that Mr. Sean Brock, of Food Network and McCrady's fame, just so happens to create his own selection of cured meats, including Coppa! I just might have to make the trek to his farm in the near future. Trust me, it is definitely worth it...


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David Heiser said...

Just so you know, I didn't mention it in my review, but Trattoria Lucca has Coppa on their menu along with some other cured meats. You should definitely check it out