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In Other News: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Goes National

Anyone who has been around me in the past few months knows that I have been a HUGE supporter of Firefly's Sweet Tea Vodka and after I found out that they sold the brand to a Kentucky-based distillery for over 16 million dollars, I was unsure as to the future of such a specialized 'elixir'

I mean, in all honesty, sweet tea is a very Southern thing, you know? Very few people in the world, let alone this country, can really grasp the gravity of the situation.

Firefly Distillery. Wadmalaw Island, SC.

Luckily, I got word from TheDigitel.com that said distillery has decided to mass-produce the product and will definitely go nation-wide on January 1st. So, for all of those who thought that Sweet Tea vodka was just a fleeting memory, it's time to wash out those glasses.


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