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DubiousCraves: The Technics SL1200 MKVI Turntable

Nostalgia at its very best; turntables have been staples of the both hip-hip and techno/rave music genres since the mid-1980s. Since then, over 350,000 units have been sold worldwide which is pretty impressive for a device that required elbow grease (and ample amounts of patience), to operate.

The SL1200 MKVI Turntable with Direct Drive Technology, $699, panasonic.com

Not until recently have I gained, lost and then regained an unexplained appreciation for vinyl. Moreover, I couldn’t figure out why until I was promptly reminded by my mother not to long ago, “You know nothing about this music right here!” she said. She was beyond right, not withstanding. She possessed a collection that spanned decades and included the classics (The Temptations – Motown Hits), the unexpected (Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions…) and the downright obscure (HiroshimaProvidence).

Either way, her bounty was the stuff legends were made on. This was until a minor flood claimed almost 95% of her precious stockpile. Years and years of history and memories down the drain—literally.

With that inspiration, I have set myself on a life quest, of sorts, not only to restore her collection to its once pristine condition, but to add this turntable as kind of the icing on the cake. Granted, she probably won’t have the capacity to appreciate the increase in torque or improved vibration dampening technology like most professional DJs, but I have a feeling that what she’ll lack in overall techno-savvy will be made up for in sheer exhilaration when it is all said and done.


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