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New Music Review: The Streets - "The Escapist"

I haven’t heard from this character since, ‘You’re Fit’ and quite frankly I am kind of relieved that he has finally mustered up the energy and courage to release a brand spankin’ new album. On the unfortunate side, The Streets has a very definite UK release set for September 15 but there I absolutely no stateside release slated—well, as far as I’ve heard.

I have always been a fan of The Streets ever since I first heard him and this newest release has absolutely flaws from hat I can tell. The music video alone has the title rapper coasting through the French countryside to a very menacing beat. The same kind of beat that you would be likely to find on a Dizzie Rascal or a catchy Timbaland-produced track.

Either way, I am very excited to see what The Streets has in store for the greater population; even if that means me having to swim across the pond to see what all the fuss is about this time around.


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