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New Music Review: Hot Stylz - "Lookin' Boy"

Granted, there are a plethora of things wrong with this song that I could easily point out with my ears closed, but just when you think the cons far outweigh the pros, I am reminded of the few things that truly bring people of all walks of life together, albeit temporarily: Insults.

No, I’m not talking about East Coast against West Coast or Brittney Spears versus…the world; I am talking about the Dozens. An old-school game that people from very urban communities played where the objective was simple: Embarrass your opponent with the best insults in your arsenal; think ‘Yo Momma’ but without Wilmer, or MTV for that matter.

Hot Stylz feat. Yung Joc - Lookin' Boy music video. Hilarity ensues.

It was good, clean fun that hardly ever resulted in any kind of violence—perhaps a black eye or two if you dropped an infamous ‘Momma’ joke—but all in all, an entertaining time.

This track shows me that there is hope in a world where it seems as though rappers are becoming more sensitive than the soccer moms that admonish their music.


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