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DubiousPraise: All's Well That Ends Well

A few things:

  1. I wanted to take some time and thank everyone (men and women, surprisingly enough), who have made the perilous trek to and from my blog. From the die-hard fans to the one-night standers, you are truly the glue that holds this rickety, old ship together. Merci, beaucoup.
  2. As always, if there is anything that you would like me to feature more--or less, for that matter--do not hesitate to let me know at bri4579@gmail.com.
  3. I am happy to report that DubiousOne surpassed the 2,000-page-views mark a few days ago with the addition of nearly 300 new visitors in the last three weeks. In layman's terms: Great Success!
  4. Lastly (shameless plug alert!), if you know of anyone who would find my content even remotely appealing, do not be afraid to give them the head's up. Think: Pay It Forward.

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