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The Manual: The Perfect Pair--of sunglasses, that is...

Like taking a thorough shower every morning, you also need a quality pair of sunglasses to get you through the unforgiving rays of the summer sun. Many people fail to take the proper steps towards securing a reliable and stylish pair of shades usually opting for something far less superior located on the plastic, revolving kiosks found in ‘beach’ shops en route to the shore.

Before you fall victim to the vicious cycle of that dreadful machine, take some time and familiarize yourself with these high-quality examples of the ‘perfect pair’:

The Perfect Throwback – ‘Wayfarer’ by Ray Ban, $109, rayban.com

Yadda, yadda! Before all the eye wear impresarios start flapping their gums about this model making the list, take heed: I am not including the ‘Wayfarer’ out of some unspoken deal with the Devil (or Ray Ban, whichever you prefer). This is simply an attempt to pay homage to one of the most iconic pair of shades to grace everything from the silver screen to the walls of the Smithsonian and everything in between.

Wear them with anything else in your closet that you may deem a ‘favorite’. I assure you, no matter how bad the rest of your outfit might look; your sunglasses will be absolutely perfect…

The Perfect Tortoise shell – Rectangular Sunglasses by Persol, $360, persol.com

What may seem like something geared more towards the ‘hipster’ crowd, the rectangular version of Persol’s legendary frames have been created with special attention paid to detail. This devotion to quality has allowed wearers of all facial types to walk the Earth with a better sense of both style and self.

The Perfect Aviator – ‘Hawkings’ Aviators by Tom Ford, $490, shop.nordstrom.com

If you purchase nothing else this summer, be sure that you at least invest in a sleek pair of aviators that you can easily carry over into the just-as-humid-but-not-as-hot fall months. Tom Ford is and was the front-runner for the Gucci fashion house and knows a thing or two about making men look invariably sexy without compromising their masculinity, so it is only fitting that the ‘Hawkings’ takes the cake for the perfect pair of aviators.


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