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DubiousTrend: The Evolution of the 'Shirt Emblem'

Since the dawn of time, there has always been this nagging obsession with labels and the things that we do (and claim) with said labels. This has never been more apparent than with the ubiquitous polo shirt emblem:

Original Penguin (top) and Lacoste have always been two of the few clothes makers that have kept a rather conservative stance on the size and content of their emblems.

Over time, though, this fashionable, little understatement has evolved and taken many shapes and faces to a point where more attention is being paid towards the 1-by-1 inch space occupying the top left of your chest than the rest of the shirt:

More 'creative' versions (and parodies) of traditional emblems are becoming almost a dime a dozen and feature everything from Port-a-Potties to malt liquor (top, right).

With that said, I propose that we as a society band together and fight for that ever-shrinking piece of real estate in our closets better known as: “The rest of my damn polo”. Who's with me?

Ralph Lauren gives us the best example of gross, emblem over-coverage. The last one is half the size of his bicep already!


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Katie said...

OMG, I'm obsessed with the new multicolored polo team logos for RL. I saw them in Dillard's men's the other day and almost started drooling. I need a man in one of those and a pair of madras shorts, pronto.