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DubiousEndorses: The 'I'm So Chris-py" Blog

I don’t normally do this but…

As much as I would love to forever inhabit this heavenly slice of the World Wide Web, I’ve realized that the only way the masses are ever going to get their hand on that good, wholesome, Dubious-type advice is to branch out to my fellow bloggers.

Speaking of which, I stumbled upon one such individual who willingly admits that he is “just tryin’ to get famous on the internet”…Duly noted, Chris.

This Central Jersey native’s musings include everything from a shout out to an up-and-coming remix impresario from Canada to a mini-war, of sorts, with the lead singer of the group who sang about a quaint, little town in Massachusetts—whom he just so happened to go to college with.

Either way, this guy is definitely one to keep a look out for if you’re in search of a good laugh, a promising new act or even the occasional ‘friend fight’.


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