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The Manual: Suits, For All Occasions...

Bottom line: Men, especially younger men, have this misconception that when it comes to formal attire, the basic rules to dressing one’s self properly take a back seat to an individual’s ‘unique and eclectic’ personal style. “It makes me who I am!” they say to me, “I’m going to make my personality shine through my off-beat, wardrobe choices!”

…Great…How about we don’t do all of that and just say we did?

Instead, here are a few of quick and simple solutions to that age old conundrum: What suit am I going to wear?

2. Bang For Your Buck: Nautica Wool Suit, $270, nautica.com

Wear it with a polo shirt. Oxford cotton, perhaps? No matter how you wear it, this suit is an all-around, multi-purpose tool that can take you from the office (or internship), straight to the nearest beachside cantina in a matter of minutes.

3. A Lifelong Investment: RL Black Label 'Anthony Garbardine' Suit, $1,795, ralphlauren.com

Money should not be an object when it comes to acquiring an impeccable taste. Suits are definitely no exception to this rule. This is the perfect mainstay for your formal wardrobe. Just make sure that as your body type changes, so does the fit and cut of your suit. In other words: Don’t skimp out on a good, damn near great, tailor to help you keep up with your ever-changing…ahem…style.

4. Stepping Out: Banana Republic Glen Plaid Suit, $775, bananarepublic.com

There is something very ‘James Bond’ (pre-Pierce Brosnan), about a 3-piece suit. Something that definitely says, “Shaken not stirred”. You can comfortably wear one out for a rousing night of espionage or an elegant dinner with the missus.

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